I received enrollment forms, but they are missing documents. What happens next?

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Note: Missing documents included in the below processes include rating and declaration pages and other documents requested during enrollment.

Note: The below processes exclude NKLL and Certificate of Insurance. Why? NKLL is urgently important and is therefore handled outside of Insight. Certificate of Insurance is handled using automated deficiency follow-ups.

Step 1: Staff fills in details of received rating and declaration pages

CR-Insight® Enrollment Missing Documents


CR-Insight® Enrollment Missing Documents 1

Step 2: Relying on details added by staff, Insight automatically sends email requesting missing documents. This email sends every 2 business days after enrollment submission.

Rating and Declaration Pages
If rating and declaration pages are for the right state, current and all coverages are provided, then rating and declaration pages are not considered missing. See below for details.

State: The state must match development where the enrollment requirements are set.

Current: Compliant date means the pages are compliant for today’s date

Appropriate Coverages: The contract’s wrap up type determines which coverages are required. Rating and Declaration Pages can be submitted multiple documents, IE separate uploads for GL and XS and WC.

  • Full wrap-up requires GL, XS and WC Rating and Declaration Pages
  • GL Only requires the GL and XS Rating and Declaration Pages
  • WC Only requires only the WC Rating and Declaration Pages

Other Documents

CR-Insight® Enrollment Missing Documents 2

When uploading Other Documents manually, in order for it to be recognized as received by the system, you must do the following 2 things:

CR-Insight® Enrollment Missing Documents 3


Step 3: Weekly Summary is sent


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