If you’re new to the world of CIPs (or even a veteran), it’s likely that you have some questions about how this program works. Thankfully, our team is here to help! As wrap-up administrators, our job is to take care of the details so you can focus on the REAL work. 

There are no stupid questions, only opportunities to learn something new. This question comes to us from a contractor who is enrolled in a CIP and plans to bring on lower-tier subcontractors later in the project cycle. 

“I only provide estimated start months for the subs, however, since it’s hard to predict months to years out with everything changing all the time I want to confirm the Sub confirms their start date as well?” 


A great question – our prime contractors can’t be expected to micromanage their subcontractors, but it’s still important that your administrator has the most accurate information available. Here’s what CR Solutions told them in response: 

We are looking for your best judgment on the earliest possible start date. This date determines our responses and urgency with the subcontractor. The closer we are to the start date, the more we push for enrollment.  We monitor the accuracy of the start date in a few ways.  

    1. During each update call, we will verify that all the start dates are still accurate.  
    2. When the sub fills out enrollment forms, they will also provide an estimated start date. We take the earlier date of the two (NOA and enrollment form) as we would rather be earlier than late on extending coverages.  

 On the NOAs, you are also welcome to include notes if you have extra details pertaining to the sub. For example: “Exact start date is unknown, but it will be 2/2023 at the earliest.” 

Every detail helps your wrap-up administrator to follow up accordingly to keep your project moving forward without the red tape of paperwork. We are here to take the stress and confusion of insurance programs off your plate so you can stay focused on what really matters.  

Have more questions like this? You can also check out the CR Solutions Wrap-Up Insurance FAQ or look through our Blog for some deeper dives into different insurance repeated topics like enrollment, payroll, and insurance costs. 

Learn more at the CRS Frequently Asked Questions Page


Bailey Hunter

About the Author:
This FAQ response was provided by CR Solutions Account Associate Bailey Hunter and is based out of company headquarters in Alpharetta, GA. Follow Bailey on Linkedin to stay up to date on recent insurance risk management articles and insights. 

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