The Mega Mailbag

I am tired of waiting to receive reports from my wrap-up administrator. Will I be able to access reports regarding my project by myself?

Rodney from San Francisco, California

Yes! Every client of our administrative services has 24 hour access to their wrap-up information. By entering a username and password in the login available through our website, clients are given access to a simple site that allows them to generate a selection of reports accessing real time data specific to their project

I am a contractor on one your projects. Am I able to receive a breakdown of what payroll I reported for the project?

Erik from Milwaukee, WI

Erik, upon request, we would be more than happy to provide you a report with your payroll to date. Since we keep your payroll on our software, we are able to generate and provide you a report in a matter of minutes. In addition, we are working to create a website for trade contractors which will provide access to a variety of information on wrap-up jobs (for which they are a participant and we are the administrator). Reported payroll will be a part of the information available, but contractors will also be able to view their loss experience as well as download their wrap-up certificates of insurance.

On my past client’s projects, payroll reporting has been a big issue. What ways do you ensure that contractors report payroll monthly and in a timely manner?

Gregory from Miami Beach, FL

 Gregory, compliance reports paired with deficiency notices are generated on a regular basis to keep an eye on a variety of compliance issues which include, most notably, payroll submissions. Deficiency notices are automatically generated and sent directly to the noncompliant subcontractor. The GC and/or owner are then notified of these noncompliant contractors via the compliance reports.


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