Top 5 Wrap-Up Resolutions

*Disclaimer:  These are not your typical resolutions.  These are WRAP-UP RESOLUTIONS!

New Year's Baby

With all of the chaos encountered in 2009- from the fall of the housing and stock market, the H1N1 scare, continuation of the war and other terror threats- many of us have decided (or have been forced) to simplify our lives. We have cut back spending on nonessential items and have been enjoying more time at home.  In doing so, we are finding happiness in the simple things.  CRS wants to continue developing this trend and apply it to wrap-up administration.  We have created a list of 2010 resolutions applicable to all wrap-up participants and providers which, if adhered to, will make the administration process easier for all.

Resolution 1: Timely Enrollments
Timely enrollment begins with quality communication between the GC/CM (or other contract issuing entity) and the wrap-up administrator.  The administrator must be notified of all entities intending to perform work at the project site prior to the inception of this work.

Next, the administrator must work with the prime and/or subcontractor to obtain completed enrollment forms. This requires good communication from the administrator and a timely response from the contractor. Delays in this step of the process can become onerous for all. Many carriers have strict backdating standards which may include fines. In addition, if the contractor was allowed to begin on-site operations prior to being properly enrolled, and an accident/claim occurred, no coverage would be in place.

Once the paperwork is complete, the administrator will send the enrollment forms to the carrier without delay.  In return, a prompt response from the carrier with confirmation of enrollment and inclusion of the contractors WC policy number will help to eliminate any setbacks in the start of the contractors work.

Resolution 2: Become Electronic

Although we’ve embarked on the year 2010, some businesses still do not have e-mail. This, in a time where there is a cell phone in the pocket of practically every 12-year-old. We are here to say, Join the masses! Not the 12 year olds with cell phones, but the businesses with e-mail accounts. Yahoo, Google and Hotmail pass them out for free.  If this is the first time you have used a computer (sadly these are not free), you will be delighted to find that you can throw out that bottle of white-out. And you no longer have a legitimate reason for inaccurate spelling. You’ll also find that with e-mail you don’t have to buy as much paper or postage. Submitting forms electronically reduces errors due to illegible handwriting on faxes.  Come on, even you aren’t sure if the payroll from this month began with a 4 or a 9.  It is also easier to track correspondence, and you don’t even have to leave your desk to do it.  Here at CR Solutions, in 2010 we endeavor to become more electronic than we are currently, and we challenge you all to do the same.

All kidding aside, we can all accomplish more with much less effort by making use of electronic technology.  Our challenge in 2010 is to increase our online capabilities by allowing online submission of enrollment forms, payroll reports and work termination forms. We challenge all carriers to provide all wrap-up WC policies electronically,  save a tree and save on postage.  We challenge all contractors to obtain an e-mail account, provide the address to us and use it for transmitting wrap-up documentation. We challenge everyone to work towards a paperless environment to save time, energy and trees.

Resolution 3: Understand the wrap-upMuch of the confusion and frustration regarding a wrap-up and its administration stems from the initial lack of understanding of the program and its requirements.  Some steps that can be taken to help avoid confusion and enhance overall program understanding are as follows:

Sponsor, CM/GC, carrier, broker, administrator request, attend, and participate in the wrap-up kick-off meeting.  Come prepared so that you can be sure that all questions are answered and that all roles are understood (for more information on kick-off meetings, see our November 2009 quarterly issue).

Contractors  ask questions, call your administrator, request a copy of the procedures manual.  It is important that you understand the program being provided to you and what will be required of you in return.  Avoid hassles, conflicts and surprises down the road by educating yourself and being prepared.

Resolution 4:

If you are successful in resolution #3, then this resolution should follow with ease even more so if you have accomplished resolution #2.  Wrap-up participants are required to submit enrollment forms prior to being accepted into the program. Some of the information on the form is required by the carrier in order to issue a WC policy. Other portions of the information are required to determine an appropriate insurance credit (alternate add or deduct, depending upon the program). Often, additional policy information is requested to verify the insurance credit information provided on the forms. All of this information is mandatory, and we can not stop bugging you about it until we receive it. Make life easier on all of us, and send us the information promptly upon request.

Another requirement of wrap-ups is monthly payroll reporting. We do not ask for this simply to provide you with another administrative task to perform each month. This is actually a directive handed down by each state. The carriers must file this information with the appropriate state in order for them to collect their fees and surcharges “otherwise known as TAX.” Not only will timely submission make life easier for all, but accurate submission is of the utmost importance. Know what payroll to report (only the labor that occurs on-site and not at your billing rate), and be sure that the amounts are legible on the form. With prompt and accurate payroll reporting, we will all breathe much easier.

Resolution 5: Make time for your administrator

According to the American Psychological Association, most individuals have a negative reaction to rejection. Our feelings are hurt, hopes and dreams dashed and egos bruised when our communication attempts are not promptly reciprocated by participants in our wrap-ups. So please, be our Facebook friend, follow us on Twitter, and reply to our emails, voice mails, faxes, snail-mail, smoke signals and messages via courier pigeon in a timely manner. We desperately need your validation.

By taking on the mindset that we are team members, not adversaries, we can make your wrap-up run smoothly, and none of us are worse for the wear.

It is our goal to keep you up-to-date on  all important wrap-up issues. In doing so, we will support the contractors through the enrollment process by ensuring that they meet all program requirements. Additionally, we will work with the carriers. For instance, we may recommend a delinquent contractor for a payroll audit or provide claims information needed for appropriate claims processing. We are here to help you stay organized and aware of all discrepancies as they arise. In the words of Jerry Maguire, “Help us help you.”

In Conclusion

This year, resolve to simplify your life (especially as it relates to your wrap-up program): do your part to make sure the enrollment process is timely, become electronic, understand the wrap-up and your responsibilities as a participant, submit complete and accurate documentation and, most importantly communicate with your administrator. With your cooperation, we are confident that 2010 will be the smooth wrap-up year we’re all determined to make it.