Listing of Some More Top Insurance Conferences

We discussed the IRMI and RIMS conferences in a previous post and thought we would add a few more for you to consider below:

AGC Conference on Surety Bonding and Construction Risk Management 

AGC, also known as The Associated General Contractors of America, is a full service national trade association that specializes in helping commercial general contractors in areas such as technology to construction risk management support.  Currently, the AGC represents over 7,500 general contractors in the United States.  AGC hosts an annual conference on Surety Bonding and Construction Risk Management for its’ members that that discusses such topics as bonding to GL-only wrap-ups.CRS at the AGC Conference

Conference on Surety Bonding and Construction Risk Management

America’s Claims Event

ACE, also known as America’s Claims Event, is hosted by Summit Professional Networks which brings together claims experts which discuss ways to improve the claims handling process.  Claims professionals learn topics such as fraud prevention to improving customer and agent relations.  With claims handling being critical for a successful wrap-up, this conference is a great way to learn effective techniques regarding workers’ compensation and general liability claims handling.

PRIMA Annual Conference

Public Risk Management Association (PRIMA) provides resources, education and networking opportunities for risk managers.  PRIMA 2014 Annual Conference will provide educational sessions in areas such as risk financing and risk control and safety.  Some of the sponsors include nationally renowned insurance brokers and carriers.


Are there any other organizations you are involved with or conferences you attend?