Wrap-Up Automation Software Expert Michelle Kinsley of CR Solutions

Michelle Burt
Michelle has been a member of the CR Solutions team since 2007. As an Account Associate, her primary role involves overseeing the enrollment process, tracking payroll and other required certificates of insurance, and working directly with the contractors and their subs to resolve wrap-up related issues. Her accounts are located in North Carolina, Arizona, Texas and Pennsylvania.

What changes to the work processes have you seen in your time here?

“In the last three years, I have witnessed some major changes to the work processes. Automation and the reliance on electronic delivery have significantly enhanced the wrap-up experience for clients. Time spent on administrative tasks, such as the monthly faxing of deficiency requests, has been cut in half since the development of an automated request system. The enrollment process has also been improved upon after the move to electronic enrollment packages. I can now send an enrollment package to a contractor in a matter of minutes via email instead of printing out each document and mailing it. Additionally, for several of my projects I no longer have to send policies through the mail. A few carriers have started sending them in electronic version. This makes the entire process of sending policies simple and efficient. These improvements have increased my productivity and drastically reduced delivery time to contractors. I am able to tackle more tasks in the same amount of time and meet the needs of contractors more quickly. The best part about the changes is that I, along with other members of my team, have taken part in the enhancement process. Our emphasis is on simplifying the wrap-up experience. We meet regularly to discuss future developments that may benefit our clients. During this time, we share our thoughts and offer creative solutions to problems we may be encountering. It is a great exchange of ideas where everyone on the team has the opportunity to contribute”

How has automation allowed you to provide better customer service?

“Now that I don’t have to spend time on tasks that have been automated, I can dedicate my services to better serving our client’s needs. This can involve providing a more thorough explanation of wrap-up requirements to a contractor or simply addressing a payroll-related question from a sub. I am also able to devote more time to the payroll verification process, which is crucial in the early detection of payroll-related issues. All in all, with these improvements in place, I am able to foster a more personal relationship with the contractors by giving them the one-on-one attention they require. I can tell that the clients I work with appreciate the extra touch because they are more compliant when I have a question or request for them.”